Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How To Be Prepared:

In order to get through any major catastrophe you need to think in terms of survival, protection, food, water, clothing and shelter. Now I'm not Ewell Gibbons but, I don't need to be. Here is one person's opinion on what you will need in the event of a "financial collapse" or other disaster.


Don't try and store a water supply that's too big to take with you. Buy water filters instead. Portable ones. Also Bleach (chlorine Bleach can "sterilize" water: 1 teaspoon for every 50 gallons.)

2. FOOD:

Think about "high value" and compact nutrition. You can buy from my A-Store if you want. See the set of links on the right to find out how much you need per person.


RV's Are great, but I doubt you will get very far without any available fuel. Think in terms of a high quality tent: again see my links.


Pepper Spray is good to start with I will explain personal protection on another blog. Sorry, I can't sell guns or ammo but I can help you find what you need. This is an accessories store. We are not going to take on the "gubernment", or any local police. The goal is to protect ourselves from hungry and thirsty criminals that are tired of sleeping on the cold, cold ground.

The dollar is heading towards worthless...

I will blog on other reasons for preparation after I get this done. This is a work of love, not greed. Those that know me know that I have great love for my family and friends.

Those that know me also know that I am right when I tell you something. I was right about stocks, gold, real-estate, the dollar and a host of other things I won't go in to. I am well-educated; well versed, and know money better than any other man on the planet. I don't raise false alarms. This post is dated March 18, 2008. In a matter of weeks for some, months for others, your life is going to change in some very drastic ways. Please follow my advice for your benefit and the benefit of your families.

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